OpriMax is an optimization package with graphical user interface for Windows platform.


  • enables single and multi-objective optimization
  • enables design of experiments (DOE)
  • runs different applications as components including console application
  • enables recording of workflow data and files
  • supports scalars and arrays
  • supports simple mathematical expressions between scalars and arrays
  • save and open projects


OpriMax is based on the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.0, which has to be installed on the computer in order for the OpriMax to work.


OpriMax optimization package versions:

Optimax v0.7.0 (15.11.2018)

  • Added support for Dll component
  • Added support for Response surface component (linear and parabolic approximation)
  • Added support for Matlab component
  • Added DOE generators: Monte-Carlo, Sensitivity, Optimal Hypercube, Random Hypercube
  • All drivers now output the best and current best value which is plotted as convergence

Optimax v0.6.8 (15.1.2018)

  • Added support for additional file resources for Abaqus and Ls-Dyna components
  • Added array operation: Make monotone
  • Added reader for Ls-Dyna nodout files
  • Added reader for Ls-Dyna spcforc files

Optimax v0.6.7 (3.11.2017)

  • Added Slurm component
  • Added reader for array output values from Abaqus report files

Optimax v0.6.6 (24.8.2017)

  • The ssh communication in the Qsub component was changed to use only one active connection
  • Fixed: feature to kill jobs which use Qsub components is now fixed

Optimax v0.6.5 (21.8.2017)

  • Added: support for deleting working directory after its successful completion
  • Added: support for re-running unsuccessfully completed workflows
  • Fixed: some minor bugs

Optimax v0.6.4 (7.3.2017)

  • Added: CalculiX component
  • Added: renaming of driver components
  • Added: formatting of the result plot curves
  • Added: formatting of the result plot axes
  • Fixed: some minor bugs


Optimax executable


Download the zip file and extract it to a non-system directory. Run the Optimax.exe.


Users manual 0.6.4 with the CalculiX tutorial: Optimax USERS MANUAL v0.6.4

Users manual 0.6.3 with the CalculiX tutorial: Optimax USERS MANUAL v0.6.3